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Car Prep

We get it: The car is the star. It takes a lot of effort before any star is camera-ready. The car must be perfect, and perfection comes from preparation. Our goal is to ensure the car is the last thing you need to worry about for your production.

SWE's four decades of experience allow us to anticipate your needs before the shoot. Our location techs, each averaging over a decade of experience, are always ready for action when the cameras start rolling.


Vehicle Sourcing

Looking for a specific car? We can source your picture vehicle. Our relationship with new-car dealers allows us to source current production cars across the country for focus groups, events, displays, commercials and more.


Our various contacts within the industry also allows us to access vehicles such as classic cars, customs, and exotics. No matter the project, we will ensure you have the perfect car for your production. 



We own one of the largest fleets in the industry which provides our clients with scheduling flexibility, "Code Red" security and piece of mind.


SWE transportation also ensures the safety and security of your cargo. Our in-house drivers are fully vetted, and we're proud of our exemplary DOT CSA scores. Our competitors, who typically rely on for-hire transportation, simply can't offer the level of service provided by the SWE Transportation division.


Paint - Peel Coats - Wraps

We all know how difficult it can be to find a car in just the right color. At SWE, we've been providing hard-paint (permanent) and peel coat (temporary) services to the industry for over 30 years.

Our environmentally friendly paint booths are available 24/7 to help meet any deadlines you may have. With the ability to handle Code Red security provisions, you can be sure that our paint services will meet your confidentiality requirements.


Fabrication & Mechanical Effects

SWE Auto Prep offers a full range of design, engineering, and construction capabilities to help meet challenging deadlines. We can build rigs, create seat bucks, fabricate seamless cutaway cars and more. Let your imagination run wild! You name it; we've either done it, or will find an innovative way to make it happen.


Additional Capabilities 

  • In-house and mobile tire changing

  • Window tinting

  • Body repair shop

  • Turntable available

  • Advanced expertise in vehicle electronics